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October 25, 2010

never get over, just learn to live.

Author: Staff

Hi,im Amie, im 25 years old,and i have had anxiety panic attackts for three years now,one night believe it or not it was the night before halloween, i had the most painful chest pains, the type you think you are going to die from, pain in my face, jaw, left arm, pins and needles, all sorts, i shouted my mom,and asked her to hold me thinking i was going to die, it slowly past and for the next two weeks i was in hell, my mom convinced it was a panic attack, as did my boyfriend and the rest of my family, now i was convinced it was a heartattack, it took me 4months to go to the doctor, itwas my worst xmas ever, ive had a ECG at the hospital and got the all clear, now on tabs for bloodpressure and depression,still not well, still get the chest pains, ill never get over this, but just learn to live, sorry 4 long txt, if any one out there needs someone to talk to drop me a email,, or maybe someone could help me thanks, Amie xx

Posted by Staff on October 25, 2010 7:08 AM | DIGG | | furl


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