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March 24, 2007


I really think there is something wrong with my mom, and I think hypochondria may be it. She always claims she is sick, goes to the doctor, and the doctor says she is fine. Recently, I was very sick with tonsilitis, and the next day my mom came home from work saying she thinks she has it, although she showed no symptoms. She constantly has a headache and is complaining about being ill, it is beginning to really interfere with all of our lives. I'm scared that one day she really will be sick and my dad or I won't pay her the attention she needs because we are so used to her illnesses. my dad says it has been going on since before I was born... over 18 years. I am thinking she does it for the attention that she receives from coworkers and extended family. Should I get her help? and if so how?

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March 13, 2007

Hi all,

I recently read this great article on wikipedia about hypochondria
It even lists some treatment studies! Not in my area but here's hoping!

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