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March 19, 2008

Recovering from Health Anxiety

Hi, my name is Melissa and I used to have health anxiety/hypochondria. I'm doing so much better now, I have a few issues with anxiety and depression but I'm not too worried about my health.

I have been worried about my health all my life but in about 1999 it got very serious and I stopped being able to function for a while. I was worried I had mostly ALS or MS or some sort of neurological disorder. Then eventually I realized that a lot of the weird physical symptoms I was experiencing were things that were also anxiety symptoms. I found a psychiatrist that was able to help me.

The biggest part of my recovery was realizing that my problem was hypochondria and anxiety, not the diseases I was worried about.

If you'd like to read more about my story, it's on my site at:

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March 17, 2008


I hope everybody feels better soon.

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March 15, 2008


I'm also sufferring terribly from a fear of MS @ the moment. I have 3 bulging discs in my neck, one of which is pressing on my spinal cord & causing numbness and tingling mostly in my left arm (occasionally in my right). Physical therapy and cortisone shots have eased the numbness and tingling but have caused other interesting sensations to occur, which i've convinced myself is actually MS.... despite a perfect brain scan & the reassurance of several doctors and physical therapists. But, as we know, a perfect scan doesn't mean you're in the clear. So, i've been in a terrible doctor loop of scans, blood tests for months now... and everything has turned out perfectly so far. But, in my mind, that just means they haven't done the right test yet. I also want to conceive very badly and need to act quickly because of fertility issues but am frightened that i'm terribly sick.

It's funny that when i recently looked up the definition of hypochondriac one of the diseases we fixate on is MS. I think it's because our anxiety can cause many of the symptoms associated w/MS. I googled my symptoms one day and, of course, MS popped up. Its symptoms are common to about a million different illnesses. The interenet is a hpyochondriac's worst enemy.

I'm also terrible at waiting and seeing. I've convinced myself of many illnesses over the past 18 years (both my parents died suddenly when i was young... @ different times) and i've never had a single one. Although my symptoms were real, they either turned out to be nothing or nothing life threatening at all... never what i thought it was. So, maybe it is all in my head... i hope so anyway.

I'm here if you want to talk... usually @ all hours of the night too. I'm sure you know what that's like. Breathe, regardless of what it is... if anything... it will definately be ok. We can more than handle whatever comes our way in life :)

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March 14, 2008

Hello, is anyone still using this site? I'm in Canada and really need some support. The fear of the past month is ALS or MS, I've actually gotten to the point of hoping it's "something like MS" because of my fear of ALS. My father has MS so I guess I've spent much of my life worrying about it, I've had 3 brain MRI. Typing it out sounds crazy, however, I often say to people, how can it be crazy if the symptoms are there, the lumps are there...!!! I guess the difference is my inability to 'wait and see' I am immediately convinced I'm dying. I do have Crohn's disease, diagnosed 10 years ago after a year of being sick and doctors telling me that it's all in my head and it turns out, it was something. I guess that adds to my fears. Most recently is a sudden attack of severe all over body aches which I thought at first to be the flu (but no fever). It felt like my bones, muscles and skin were all aching at once. That was nearly six weeks ago. I am taking pain killers everyday and had been, unitl six weeks ago, trying to conceive (I got married in October) so now I feel even sorrier for myself as I am 33. I have constant fatigue in my legs and upper arms and pain that seems to move everywhere, some twitching (usually after walking etc.). I'm sometimes so exhausted I cannot lift my fork to my mouth to eat...

Is anyone out there, I feel as if I have lost all hope...

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March 10, 2008

Hi can anyone give me any advice for the past ten years on and off i`ve had symtoms of heart attacks some days i have chest pain all day with pains down my arm, i`m petrified of even going for a shower if i`m alone in the house incase i have one and no-one finds me. this is ruining my life i`m sick of chest pains and worrying. p.s i`ve had numerous ECG`S all clear and other checks off my doctor but i just don`t believe him

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