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November 26, 2009

Help me!

If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated, and SORRY FOR THE ESSAY :p

I think that I may have hypochondria, I'm a 17 year old girl and I am constantly preoccupied with thoughts that I am seriously ill and something bad is going to happen.

I think that I first began to believe this after I had a 'serious' pain in my chest one night. I was convinced that I was having a heart attack and was going to die there and then. I then began to obsess constantly about my health. Next I had sharp pains in my head for a few days and thought that I had a brain tumour, however, the pain disappeared after while after many sleepless nights.

In the last few years, several illnesses have came and gone, I believed I had ovarian or cervical cancer for several months after having a stomach ache. I read about chlamydia and other diseases and saw syphilis symptoms on TV and was convinced I had the symptoms, checking my eyes, etc...despite not ever having sexual intercourse. My fear is now AIDS, my brother had shingles and I did not fear getting them until I read that people with AIDS could get them, then pains and tingles and itches began. I now spend much of my time poking and prodding my belly to feel if my liver feels tender and worrying that my immune system is shutting down after 2 colds in 2 months.

I used to be ill when I was a little girl and vomitted every night, doctors could not diagnose what was wrong with me at first but this turned out to be due to high anxiety.

I'm just terrified that I'm really ill and need answers, I am too scared to see a doctor in case I get bad news, I can't do normal things and my life is being ruined

what do I do?!

November 24, 2009

I am the daughter of a hypochondriac. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. My mom announced to me last year that she had MS. Twice. When the first round of doctors told her she was fine, she doctor shopped for a second team of doctors who eventually also told her she was fine. At that time, because there had been a long history prior to that, I finally told her she should see a psychiatrist. She agreed and then never went. This weekend, she claimed chest pains. Her stress test turned out fine but because she continued to complain and the doctors didn't know they were dealing with a hypochondriac, they cathaterized (sp?) her. They found nothing. I can't take how she puts herself at risk with these unnecessary procedures any more. Any suggestions?

November 6, 2009

I am 24 years old male and I have just discovered that I am hypochondriac by searching the internet the sypmtomes really matches me, I have been always worried about my health, it is like I want to convience myself that I have a disease and if I became sure that I am free for a certain disease I tend to search for another illness to worry about,it started when i was a kid i once watched a tv program about diabetes syptomes and i immediately got convienced that I have diabetes, I even forced my dad to make a test for me, another time I forced my mum to take me to ent doctor because i thought i have some problems in hearing! i even tried to imagine that I dont hear well! when i became older by 21 it became more severe, I thought i have high blood pressure, and I went to check it, another time I thought I have virus c then I went to make the test and I was fine, another time I thought I had HIV just because i used to have an unprotected sex with my girl friend although she is absolutely fine and I am 100% sure she is ok, I went to make the test from 2 months it was negative but I thought the lab is not good I mean they didnt make the test correctly, it was like i was unhappy with the result its like I wanted to be HIV postive, I even thought of doing the test again, I keep imagining the illness and the consquences of having such disease how it will affect my life, sometimes I imagine that I will die in a terrible car accedient that is going to crash my body, another time I thought I have erctile dysfunction and a heart disease,another big story when I thought that I have infertility so I kept imagining that I will never get a baby so I went and lied to a doctor and told him I am getting married so that he can help me to do the test,I gave to the lab really terrible semen sample so the results were infertility postive! instead of re doing the test I harried to a doctor and I didnt tell him that i suspect that the test is wrong! I think I made him gave me medications which exactly what I wanted! after some time i decided to make the test again and this time I gave a good sample to the lab, the result was that I was fine! and my fertility is really great, I have a great job, great family, everything is great in my life except in dealing with this problem, I become to feel that I am not allowed to have fun... everytime I start to have fun, the thoughts of being ill cross to my mind and it successfully puts me in a depressed/sad mood again, i really paid a lot of money for the doctors, medical tests, big waste of money especially I am young I should not be thinking of heart disease at this age!! but now after knewing I have hpochondria I will try to search for psychiatrist. I never shared what I have just said with anyone, i think i was embarressed that is why I used to keep it to myself


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