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December 14, 2010

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December 9, 2010

my over active brain

After the birth of my 2nd child I started experiencing a lot of painful and strange things, from head to toe and all on my left side. I went to the Dr for extreme base of the skull pain, muscle tension and pressure in my shoulder radiating pain down my left arm, chest pain, abdominal pain, barometric pressure in my head, eye tremors and choking when eating. The list goes on but you get the point. After 19 months of being told I was a hypochondriac and stressed they kept sending me home. I had a "drop attack" where my leg stopped working completely and they finally did an MRI believing I had a stroke. I was diagnosed with Chiari Type 1 malformation. This is where your brain has somehow shifted below the skull and the pressure was causing me LOTS of neurological issues, hince the head to toe pain on the left side. I had brain surgery 1 week after my diagnosis and am 85% better. I waNOTOt a hypochondriac then but you better believe I am now! Everything I feel I am convinced that it is something worse than it is. The funny part is I have had pretty much every test run on every functioning organ prior to my MRI of the brain. For most of the Hypos out there we need to remind ourselves of this... We are overly aware of creative with the state of our health and have more tests and visits then the average person putting us in a position to have found something if there was something to find. I am really struggling with understanding that I am healthy and moving past my prior issues. I kind of feel like it is a posposttraumaticic stress syndrome in a different kind of way. I would love any feed from anyone who has developed hypochondia after over coming a serious illness.

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