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February 21, 2011

first time

Hi there. Im a 23 year old male, i have for about the past year and a half - two years now had a constant fear of some wild illness or sudden death, just recently I have tried seeking constant reassurance from family and friends but of course that wasnt helping. Recently i had my first ever kidney stone and being poor i am uninsured. I did however go to the hospital and was given a clean bill other than a slight UTI caused by the stone. But i still cant stop. Although the clean bill has helped me to more easily control my anxiety. Some days i can even laugh at myself for the absurd notions ive been having but I havnt been able to stop them. this is how ive come to believe i am a hypochondriac. I am hoping that talking with others will provide me with some tips. I do plan on as soon as i can afford it seeing a therapist or someone. as this is all relatively new territory for me i hope that i can help others just as you may be able to help me...Thank you

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February 9, 2011

41 Year Old Hypochondriac

I am a 41 year old male, married to a great lady and have 3 wonderful children under age 10. I have a great career and a strong extended family. I have always been a bit obsessive about my health but the last 2 years have taken me down a dark road where I am in almost daily worry. I know exactly what the root of the problem is: Simply put: Now that I have crossed 40, I have convinced myself that I am more succeptible to disease and I am especially worried about dying and leaving my wife and 3 small children behind. My mind has gone into overdrive thinking of all the terrible things laying in wait to attack me. In the last 2 years I have worried most about getting cancer. Brain tumors, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, melanomas, throat cancer, colon cancer, etc. I am living in a daily world of hyper sensitivity to the way my body feels. I can only count a few days where I actually feel good. Here's the odd part: I am at my most relaxed when I am actually sick. I have had a couple colds over the past year and actually have a overwhelmiing sense of peace when my body is actually ill. It's mentally exhausting to conjour up all the terrible symtpoms I may be experiencinig. When I actually have something real it's like my mind relaxes. I know how this all began: I remember watchign the story of Randy Pauch...that guy that wrote "The Last Lecture". He was in his late 40's and had small kids. He died of pancreatic cancer. It terrified me that a guy in his prime could be cut down and his young family devastated. Since that time, I've been a wreck. I wish I could get my old life back.

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