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July 12, 2011

Teen hypocondriac

I had my tonsils out when i was 10 and ended up loosing alot of blood & staying in the hospital alot..after that i worried constantly that something bad would happen to me i was always scared that i would get some type of illness like cancer. It went away after a while and i didnt worry anymore. Now im 15 and the past month ive been constantly getting myself convinced i have appendicitis im always worrying ill get it & ill convince myself into thinking my side hurts. This mostly happens at night when i try to relax and go to sleep & it prevents me of doing so. Even though i know i am fine i still worry constantly & its driving me crazy & preventing me from living a normal teenage life.

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July 9, 2011


im 17 year old and have been throw so many things i had to see my brother only 23 slowly die of cancer after his death nothing went right, my mom takes lexapro and so many other pills for her stress.
i had my first panic attack one night i thought i was dying i feel to the floor they spilled cold water and me and everything i was taken to the er because people thought i was having a heart attack so did i. but now i cant function everything goes wrong. i have thought i had cancer for ever i thought i had aids, stomach cancer breast tumor diabetes skin cancer.. everything there can be wrong now i have a cold and i think im dying can someone please help me.

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