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December 13, 2011


soooo glad I found this site ... I too have just started to get these thoughts im dying worrying about my four kids and leaving them without a mum ... I would say this started about two years ago I sick really sick and assumed the worst thought it was aids (3 negative test so clearly not) the docs kept telling me i was imaging being ill which i wasn't turned out I had strep infection which lead to rheumatic fever ever since I have become obsessed over my health..At the moment i have lower back pain but i had a baby 5 weeks ago so i figure its prob something to do with that also on iron tabs at moment which has made things even worse i now think i have bowel cancer symptoms hey we all know what extra iron can do to the bowels so think its just piles and constipation (sorry too much info lol ) grrrrr so glad im not the only one out there with this problems its horrible actually got a panic attack the other day from thinking on it too much .. been to docs today but back on Friday for my postnatal check up so figure i should tell the doc how i feel then get this crazyness sorted :(

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