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November 27, 2008

Here we go again

Author: Staff

man, im only 16 and ive had so much anxiety and panic attacks and the most ANOYINNG THING IN THE WORLD HEART PALPITATIONS OMG THERE SO GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! but anyways im always thinking everyday of my life, here we go again, im fixing to die. and thats usually when im alone and bored, but when im in school everything is normal, not one thing wrong with me. when im having fun with friends,,, nothing wrong with me, its just my mind wonders. see just now something just happened, i got focused on typing this and my palps were gone, but later on tonight they'll act up like little fags and keep me up for bout an hour and have me scared for my life im gunna die,,, see man its just gay. and i mean its just the littlest things that get me worried, my belly might start hurting and im like FUCK I GOT STOMACH CANCER..... then im just like shut the hell up man your stupid, you just got to talk to yourself and call your self a lil bitch cause in reality, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU I WENT TO THE DOCTOR AND HE SAID I HAD PERFECT HEALTH. just feelt like speaking my heart, sorry for curssing but had to do it, JESUS CHRIST SAVES AND IS MY SAVIOR AND GOD IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps... feel free to email me,,,,

Posted by Staff on November 27, 2008 8:15 PM | DIGG | | furl


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