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January 22, 2008

My hypochondriasis is worse than ever

Author: Staff

I just found this site after spending countless hours for the past two years searching for solutions to my numerous health problems. I have had OCD and hypochondriasis since the age of 4- I am currently in my 40's. I have diagnosed myself with everything from cancers to aids( live like a nun) -non of course which I have. Now I have been engaged in a battle with a possible diagnosis of reflux. The latter has been the most difficult to overcome. Three doctors say that I don't have it based upon mannometry and pH testing but and ENT says that I do based on history and the apprearance of my larynx. I did not manifest any symtoms of heartburn until I was told that I have reflux for the first time. After that I developed speech problems, hoarseness, globus etc. and was put on Pariet. It has all gotten to be too much for myself and my family. At least with all the skin lesions they could be biopsied and a definitive diagnosis could be made. Now I am afraid to be on or off the Pariet and am totally obsessed with finding a solution to the situation. Reflux is a tough one for hypochondriacs because it is difficult to diagnosis with any certainty and it can of course cause esophageal or laryngeal cancers so it is like the PERFECT disorder for the OCD hypo. I no longer function- used to be a successful teacher and am living in a severe depression which is comorbid with severe anxiety.
Just wondering if anyone else has successfully dealt with the relux as a potential somatiform disorder. I am on an antidepressants and engaging in CBT. I would love to hear from others who may be going through something similar and hear some suggestions on how to deal with it.

Thanks for your interest.


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